Your Goals

“If you can visualize a goal, you can achieve it, so the question is not whether or not you can achieve your goals, it’s whether or not you are willing to figure things out or do the work to realize your goal.” – Tapiwa Chitembure

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I was very passionate about philosophical thinking since I was a young man. It occurred to me over the years that my perspective on things in life determined how I lived and the things I was able to accomplish in my life. I realized the value of having a positive mindset with the success of overcoming some of the most challenging times in my life. With that personal victory came the realization that I could help others overcome similar challenges from tools I had mastered, so I started writing. I hope my work can make a difference and I hope that you will be inspired to believe in the real magnitude of your potentials and use them to create the quality of life you want.
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