Worried About The Future?

Positive Words For When You Feel Worried About The Future

Worried about the future? Find your footing in the present. The future seems uncertain most of the time when we try to visualize it from a shaky present moment. You have got to find something that you can control in the present which could lead to the future you want. If you only focus on the things you can’t control you will lose your grip on life. There is always something you can control. You will find it if you search your soul and seek to find those things which are your God given rights and privileges.

It’s easy to become anxious when we focus on the things we cannot control. A driver that focuses on how he/she cannot control other drivers on the road will undoubtedly find him/herself in an apprehensive state of mind. “Why?” you might ask, the simple answer is that he or she mostly focuses on other drivers he or she can’t control. So the general state of mind becomes “I have no control.” Where does that land them? We could deduce from the discussed analogy that such a state of mind would only lead them in a state of panic, or paranoia to say the least. The solution for that driver would be to find something that he/she can control; in this case, his/her car – we hope.

When you are worried about the future, the same mechanics are at play. We can’t control what God does, but have the God given privilege to make decisions that can affect our future more than we sometimes realize. So, the logical thing to do when you find yourself worried about the future is to find something that you can control and ask for God’s guidance along the way. A bright future belongs to those who have the passion and determination to create it within their God given potential. The gates are open and your future is yours to declare and work towards achieving!

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