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Book of secrets for successSecrets OF The Art Of Persistence is a goal oriented motivational book. We live in a society that has become driven by the desire for instant gratification. If we don’t see results right away, we may start to panic. Without patience, determination and persistence, we may conclude prematurely that we have failed. That is how motivation fades away.

Secrets Of The Art Of Persistence is a motivational book that can help you maintain, or revive your motivation. To be persistent you have to be self-motivated; to be self-motivated you have to be confident in your ability to overcome obstacles and accomplish your goals.  So, a better way to get motivated on your own terms is through a practical, motivational book that steps you through to success!

It is no doubt that motivation is essential to success. The steps in this book will make you a formidable force against challenges that tries to get in your way. This book empowers you with the tools to overcome negative thought patterns that hold you back from success. You will master the skills and know how to overcome both internal and external barriers to your success.

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