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Inspirational bookLiving life with a purpose is much easier to do when life is understood to begin with. To understand life, we must get out of the pattern of superficial thinking, think freely and ask deeper questions about life. Only then can we overcome the shadows of mystery and live a purpose driven life. The truth is more powerful and liberating when it’s self-realized, that is the goal of this book.

An Orientation To Life is a thought challenging book with the purpose of bringing about deeper understanding of life. Understanding is what makes us feel connected to life and is what makes it possible for us to discover our purpose in life. We feel more like we belong if we live with a purpose. That alone can be very rewarding for the body, mind and spirit.

If life had no purpose, happiness would be an empty promise. This book goes beyond finding your purpose in life, to unveiling the secrets to a happier and more satisfying life. As the old saying goes “The truth shall set you free!” However, it’s somewhat ironic that you have to think freely before you can realize the truth. This book makes it simpler and easier for you to do that.

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