Keys To Success

In the realm of success and personal achievements, a key is a constant factor that opens the doors to opportunities of success and prosperity. We notice that as opportunities present themselves in life, some people seem to connect with them more than others. Those who manage to connect with the opportunities and live up to the expectations tend to thrive. Those who cannot see the opportunity and try to engage with it remain behind. One may ask, “Why is it that some people seem to see more opportunities in life than others?” The simple answer to this question is this; the ones that see more opportunities than others have a mindset that is key to success. If I may be blunt, the people who usually miss opportunities in life are usually more focused on blaming conditions in life. So in essence, they only see what they focus their attention on.

Here is an analogy:
Let’s think of an opportunity as a “door”. Some doors come without a lock; all you have to know is where it leads and walk through. Other doors however come with a lock or two; these locks symbolize challenges and obstacles. You may know where the door leads, but you have to have a key to be able to go through that door. Without a key, one is stuck outside unable to progress from that point. Any door that is open, closed, or locked, is an opportunity if it eventually leads where you want to go. Let’s just say that the door is locked, the main question becomes, “Do you have what it takes to stick around long enough and find or figure out how to get through?” If you do, then you will be able to connect with that opportunity and take it further. If not, then the journey of your dreams could end right at that point.

In life, we often don’t see closed or locked doors as opportunities. Only the people who have the determination and perseverance to go through hold the primary master key that allows them to engage and connect with such opportunities, where others fail to see them. It takes persistence and a positive mindset to connect with such opportunities. It also takes the ability to listen! Life gives you clues, many times when we are going on the right path, the clues lie in the fact that we will get the results we are aiming for. If we are on the wrong path, then the clues lie in the fact that we are getting bad results or no results. If you can interpret each of these results as feedback without compromising your vision or end objective, you will possess the most powerful attitude which is key to success.

Life is generally not an open door to success or happiness. The door is locked most of the time, therefore without perseverance or persistence life can appear to be a wall of obstacles. Being persistent is all about calmly keeping your focus on the prize regardless of obstacles, and having the ability to figure out the correct set of conditions that will lead you to your objective. If there ever were a dynamic flexible constant master key to any kind of success, it would have to be persistence! Before I end off, let me try to put everything in perspective by summarizing the main points of this article.

  •  In anything you want to achieve in life, expect challenges. It’s not being negative to do so, it’s being realistic.
  • Find the inner strength to face those challenges by holding on to what inspires you about what you want to achieve.
  • Be persistent! That does not mean keep doing the same things repeatedly. It means keep your focus on your objective, it means listen, and it means change what needs to be changed to get you where you want. Figure out what conditions are necessary for you to achieve what you want to achieve and meet or exceed those conditions.
  • Know you have the right to succeed – even though the door may be locked, you have the right to reach for your dreams and succeed, use it!

By following these simple points, next time you see a locked door – you will see nothing else but opportunity and you will have what it takes to make it! I hope that you have found these tips useful.

Tapiwa Chitembure.

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I was very passionate about philosophical thinking since I was a young man. It occurred to me over the years that my perspective on things in life determined how I lived and the things I was able to accomplish in my life. I realized the value of having a positive mindset with the success of overcoming some of the most challenging times in my life. With that personal victory came the realization that I could help others overcome similar challenges from tools I had mastered, so I started writing. I hope my work can make a difference and I hope that you will be inspired to believe in the real magnitude of your potentials and use them to create the quality of life you want.
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