From Inspiration To Success

In this article, I am going to be sharing with you four steps that I found to be very good pointers to success. From the time a person becomes inspired, there are four phases that he/she has to go through before they can bring any inspired dream or idea into reality. These four stages make up the main transformational links in a “chain reaction” towards success from the inside out. Manifestation is the outward appearance of something that begins from the inside. It is aligning whatever began from the inside with steps and actions that help to bring it into reality. So let us start by looking at the point where everything begins – Inspiration.


The first stage is inspiration. Think of inspiration as the process in which a certain mindset is created in which dreams and new ideas are born. Can you imagine life without inspiration? Humanity could have never come even close to the Stone Age without inspiration, that’s how important it is! Sometimes inspiration represents hope in dreams that we were beginning to lose faith in. When we see or hear stories of others accomplishing what we were beginning to think was unreal or impossible, it brings hope; that hope helps to reset a positive mindset and re-inspires our dreams. What you dream of or desire to accomplish is in itself the most dynamic form of inspiration as it is self-willed!


From inspiration comes motivation, which is simply the determination to pursue the object of inspiration. Self-motivation is the highest form of motivation as it signifies the ability to act out of one’s own freewill. The lower end of that would be acting because one is under pressure. Motivation is something that is dependent on the integrity of inspiration. In other words, if you begin to doubt your dreams, ideas, etc, or think that they are far beyond your reach, you will also notice yourself becoming more and more reluctant to act towards them. Without self-motivation, we cannot bridge our dreams or ideas into the realm of reality; also, there is no fun in doing anything because you have to! Therefore, we must strive to achieve the purest motivation through willful determination driven by inspiration. Conflict of wills rears its ugly head when something else tries to have us deviate from an inspired path. If not resolved, the conflict of wills creates a misalignment that will prevent manifestation.

Creating A Sound Plan & Being Persistent

Motivation is essential to our ability to make things happen, but if not directed or channeled effectively, all the potential energy in it will backfire! The ability to channel your energy or enthusiasm effectively with a sound and realistic frame of mind is the next link in the chain. The biggest killer of motivation is not failure; it is misaligned efforts! If you put kinks in a hose and then turn on the water, you will get a good visual. You could think of the water as your energy and the hose as the method. Before you unleash your energy, it would be wise to step back and plan things out. You have the right to succeed; whether you actually do or not depends on how badly you want your dreams to come true and whether or not you have a sound method or plan. Persistence is a key factor at this point because it allows you to keep the alignment in what could otherwise become a windy maze that is sometimes full of unpredictable obstacles. Plans often backfire; the ability to bounce back when things backfire and holding one’s ground in the face of challenges are part of a mindset that is crucial to success. Without a sound plan, efforts can be misaligned. Without persistence, progress can be doomed because persistence is the force that gives substance to ideas.


Both “success” and “failure” are results. They tell you if you managed to align your efforts in a way that was beneficial to your inspired thoughts. This is really a bold truth that even I had a hard time coming to terms with. Once I got it, I found it to be both humbling and rewarding. The ultimate result is of course to bring your inspired thoughts into reality! You do that by ensuring that every link in the chain is strong and in alignment with the rest. If you treat both success and failure as results, you will widen your scope of vision and responsibility. This will allow you to detect opportunities that could have been harder to detect before and give you room to make needed adjustments. Treating failure as feedback means you can be open to learning and therefore growth. This does not mean you should dwell on failure, keep your eye on the prize by revisiting your inspiration, and then revise each of these steps for needed improvements. Soon, all this will become second nature and you will be able to get the results you want with ease and less frustration. I hope that you have found this information useful.

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I was very passionate about philosophical thinking since I was a young man. It occurred to me over the years that my perspective on things in life determined how I lived and the things I was able to accomplish in my life. I realized the value of having a positive mindset with the success of overcoming some of the most challenging times in my life. With that personal victory came the realization that I could help others overcome similar challenges from tools I had mastered, so I started writing. I hope my work can make a difference and I hope that you will be inspired to believe in the real magnitude of your potentials and use them to create the quality of life you want.
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