An Inspirational book To Read In 2012

Recommended Motivational and Inspirational Book For The New Year

Happy holidays! It has become a tradition of Story Oasis Books to recommend Secrets Of The Art Of Persistence as the inspirational book to read in the new year. This book was written with one purpose in mind, which is to keep you motivated and inspired to pursue your goals and dreams. Persistence is a key ingredient to achieving success in life. We often get sidetracked in life by challenges and obstacles So, our ability to be persistent is the only thing that can get us back on track. Image: Inspirational book to read in 2012

Aside from being an inspiring book, Secrets Of The Art Of Persistence offers tools that can be applied to day to day life. The book gives tips on how to redirect your efforts in an effective manner. It gives key information about what motivation is and how to regain motivation after disappointing times. This is the main reason why we recommend this book as the best inspirational book to read as you face the new year.

With all being said, we like to take this time to wish you a Happy New year! We hope that you get your copy of Secrets Of The Art Of Persistence and take advantage of the useful tools in this inspirational book. Start off the new year with good footing for success!

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