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Inspiring Books For Motivation, Purpose, Love and Affirmation

Motivational & Inspirational book: Secrets Of The Art of Persistence

Living a Purpose Inspired Life: An Orientation To Life

Motivational BookBook Summary: Goal motivation and inspiration. Inspiring book for overcoming challenges, obstacles, self-doubt. Secrets of The Art Of Persistence is a book that is very appropriate for the times we are living in. To realize your dreams, you certainly have to be persistent. Hope is on the horizon! With this motivational and inspirational book, you can become a powerful force to be reckoned with! Visit Book’s page Inspirational bookBook Summary: Living life with a purpose! Many search for it, but only a few find it. A purpose is a life anchor, it provides us with a sense of worth and direction in life. No one can tell you what your purpose is, you have to discover it for yourself. An Orientation to Life is a book that challenges you to look at life like never before! In short, this is a mind stimulating and empowering inspirational book! Visit Book’s page

Inspiration for Love & Relationships: Rage For The Justice Of Love

Spiritual Inspiration and Affirmations: The Proof

Books: Relationship bookBook Summary: More than just an inspiring book for love, Rage For the Justice Of Love is about creating a healthy relationship. It takes knowledge and guts to make a relationship work! Relationships are at risk when love is misunderstood. Uncertainty in love can ruin the hope and chance for a good relationship. This book covers how to avoid these relationship pitfalls. Visit Book’s page Books: The ProofBook Summary: The Proof explores events beyond scientific explanation into the realm of spirituality. Every event described in this book is based on a real life experience. Filled with exciting discoveries and affirmations, this book will take you on a journey that you will never forget! Inspirational and comforting in so many ways, you just have to read it! Visit Book’s page

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